Online businesses are a gamble, this is the notion that many people carry and to a greater extent, they are not wrong. Doing business online might seem like as an easy option of raking up cash, but in reality, there is a lot of strategizing and critical thinking involved. When a business owner is opting for a physical business, they usually have securities and insurances included. In the case of online businesses, there is no such thing. Online store builders allow you to create an online store, and most of them are easy on the pockets, and some of them are even free. So, there is not much cost here. You can checkout  to create your own website! The cost that is incurred is usually the startup costs, like product stocking. Either your business takes off and becomes an instant success, or it fizzles out, and you lose out on your investments. It is highly advisable that if you are looking to sell products online, you should do so for products that require little or no investments. Here are some of the easy on the pocket ideas that can help you make money and stay in safe waters.

Start an online business of promoting product- A sales representative:

This is an impressive job. Companies and independent products look for individuals who can promote their sales. Word of mouth is one of the simplest and effective method to promote your products. All you have to do is to register yourself with the company which is seeking these services. Once that is done you are now set to make money. This job also has an option to be the sales lead and recruit people who can act as representative and hire people as an online sales person. This is a small investment and quite a secure option for a new business.

Lawn care business:

This is seasonal an option, but a very lucrative one. All you need to do to start is to simply have a face book page and promote the page as a lawn care service provider on different groups. You will need a lawn mower and pair of sturdy scissors. Once you start getting customers, you can further promote your work through photographs and modeled lawns to provide a prototype.

Homemade food:

If you have the magical hands that can spin up amazing delectable dishes in minutes, then this job is for you. Homemade food is a preference of many working people. Some people prefer homemade food as they are health conscious and look for the right options. The money involved in setting up a food catering business is also quite cheap, as there is no need to invest in utensils and machinery. The only cost is of fliers and boxes and packaging.

Offering cleaning services:

The increased need to commute often and spending longer hours at office has resulted in houses requiring occasional extra helps to maintain decorum. To jump into the cleaning business, all you need are a few flyers and visiting cards, a social media presence and you can zoom in to a good start. The initial requirement is a few supplies that you can easily find in your own house. You can prove to be a one-man army, and when you start getting more appointments, you can hire more people.

Running Errands:

This is quite an interesting but a hectic way to start your own business. This also requires no investment. You can use your existing vehicle as a way to commute from place to place. Requests from people can be picked up through your WhatsApp and face book page. This is an easy way to start earning easily without serious hassles.



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